A better water bottle. Better for Everyone.

Designing with more renewable materials over fossil fuels is how we are lowering the carbon footprint of our packaging while protecting the water inside.  Making sure our materials are responsibly sourced is how we protect the things outside too.

better water bottle

What are we made of?

The JUST water bottle relies on the use of paper. We like paper because it is derived from trees which are renewable or grow back naturally. Using renewable materials contributes to lowered carbon emissions.

better water bottle 54% paper
28% plant plastic better water bottle
15% traditional plastic better water bottle
3% aluminum better water bottle

What do all these materials do?

Using paper as the main material is how the JUST water bottle reduces its environmental footprint while still maintaining its structure. An aluminum foil barrier does an excellent job protecting the water from light, oxygen and other potential contamination. Both the aluminum and paper are shielded by a layer of BPA-free plastic lamination to protect the integrity of the bottle.

paper plastic aluminum better water bottle

Certified Paper

The paper used in the JUST water package is 100% traceable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Traceability back to the point of origin for paper sources is important for several reasons. One of the most important is so that the forests will be around for future generations to enjoy and for wood to continue to provide so much benefit for the world around us.
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better water bottle
Plastic Bottle Cap

Plant-based plastic

The plastic in the shoulder and cap of the JUST water bottle is made from sugarcane, not from fossil fuels like petroleum. This significantly reduces our carbon emissions by utilizing a resource that grows back each year.

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A Roll of Bottles is Efficiently Better

JUST makes a better water bottle from flat rolls that ultimately get folded into shape when they are filled. This is a highly efficient way to ship millions of bottles in a very tight space requiring fewer trucks and in turn, less energy.

1.5 million bottles fit into a standard 40 foot truck.

The same amount would take 2.5 trucks to ship “pre-formed” bottles.

A “pre-form” is a condensed version of a plastic bottle before it is heated and blown into a bottle shaped mold.

And 13 trucks to ship fully formed bottles.

Better Protection.

Water is susceptible to its environment.  Try leaving an uncovered glass of water in your refrigerator overnight. In the morning, it will have picked up flavors and odors from anything near it. The JUST water bottle by design shields the water from anything around it by keeping contamination where it should be – outside!

74% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The material and process used for making our package results in 74% less harmful emissions , primarily CO2, compared to a standard, heavy-weight, PET plastic bottle.
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“There are so many bottled waters at my son’s school, they get mixed up and kids end up sharing bottles accidentally”
Nicole O. – Nashville

“After running around all weekend there are always half-finished bottles of water because no one remembers who’s is who’s”
Deirdre F. – Boston

We heard you

We all have kids in school too. While we’d hope learning is contagious we don’t want lunchrooms to be too. The wide white cap was designed and roughed for writing a name. Use it as well as the signature section on the bottle to identify whose JUST water it is.

The JUST water spout is wider for easier drinkability. This helps hydration and greater likelihood of finishing an open bottle.

Fully Recyclable

JUST makes a better water bottle. The JUST water bottle has the environmental properties of a milk or juice carton, which both contain high value materials, and are 100% recyclable alongside metal, plastic and glass. Access to paperboard recycling in the U.S. is growing steadily, thanks to the carton makers pushing towards 100% access.