Glens Falls

Going into business with a small town

Beyond simply “setting up shop” in a small town, we desired to go into business with the town. The community as a result can benefit through a cooperative partnership to responsibly commercialize an abundant resource that has historically been undervalued. In the case with Glens Falls, this resource was their excess water and we sought to give it value.

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Investing in small towns

Many of us at JUST grew up in small towns. While many of these places share great pride and tradition, there are mounting challenges. Aging infrastructure, increased demand for safety and social services create added strain on small town budgets.

We envisioned a business with broader impact around cleaner, socially responsible products. Through the value creation of a resource and the resultant new revenue stream, the community could prosper as the business grows.

After visiting a number of communities throughout the U.S., we found a community of visionaries and doers that were willing to embark on this demanding journey with us. This first JUST city was Glens Falls, New York.



“For a company like JUST to come to town and partner with us means a lot to the community. It drives much needed investment and ongoing revenue while remaining responsible with our local, natural resources.”

Glens Falls City Major, Jack Diamond

Glens Falls, NY. a JUST community

With its beginnings as a small village in 1839, Glens Falls is located in northeast New York between Saratoga Springs and Lake George. Situated at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, it is a gateway to the Adirondack state park – a 6 million acre park with more than 10,000 lakes, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams.

The City is home to employers like Glens Falls Hospital, National Grid, and Finch Paper, a manufacturer of specialty paper products. The City offers a wide variety of cultural and recreational facilities and parks, including the Glens Falls Civic Center, which hosts a “AA” hockey team, the Adirondack Thunder affiliated with the NHL’s Calgary Flames.

It’s a great town to call home and as a bit of trivia, Glens Falls served as inspiration to James Fenimore Cooper in his historical novel, The Last of the Mohicans.

Like many other cities in the U.S., Glens Falls has struggled in the recent years to maintain services without large tax increases. Adding to this challenge is the population shift in the city. Since 1950, Glens Falls has lost 25 percent of its population.

As for launching a new product, most other alternatives would have been easier than the path we chose. However, we set out to realize a business of impact to affect more than the few. Creating this new type of partnership took a great deal of time, commitment and faith. It wasn’t easy but it sure is worth knowing that when someone today purchases a bottle of JUST water, they are not only supporting a local economy, they are casting a vote. The vote is in favor of new ways of doing business. Business that is in fact Better For Everyone®.

There are so many who have championed and supported us through our development journey to make JUST a reality. We’d like to thank them for all their help: