World Water Day 2018:
Why JUST is celebrating

Earth Day is Every Day
April 15, 2018





Every year, the UN and other organizations around the globe mark World Water Day – March 22 – with cross-sector events, advocacy efforts and corporate announcements. As a company founded upon the concept that water is a precious, limited resource that should be valued and protected, JUST really loves World Water Day. It’s true. We are inspired to see so many people and organizations come together to not only acknowledge the importance of protecting our water sources, but to also identify ways to move forward more responsibly.

This year, the World Water Day theme is “Nature for Water” – exploring how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. This is exactly what JUST is all about! By respecting and repairing our ecosystems, we can foster the long-term value of our precious water sources.

With our first product, JUST water, we developed a true partnership with the city of Glens Falls, from where we source our water. We selected Glens Falls carefully, ensuring we weren’t using any water from a location that did not already have a surplus. And by repairing the city’s aging infrastructure and leaky pipes, JUST is giving back to the community in a sustainable way. We continue to contribute to our Glens Falls partnership with our newer JUST Infused products.

Our ethical foundation of valuing the environment and local communities first will continue to support JUST as we grow and offer even more products. But this is still the beginning for us! We are constantly identifying new ways to operate even more responsibly and leave an even more positive impact on the communities in which we work.

We’re so encouraged to see the list of other environmentally responsible companies increase year after year – this is one industry where we welcome more players, because we’re all working toward the same end result. A world better for everyone.

This World Water Day, we raise a glass – or a paper bottle – to all of you helping raise awareness and make changes to protect our most precious resource.

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