Don’t Just Demand Better Products, Demand Better Companies.

Early on, we wrote down a phrase that would describe our philosophy as a business:  Better for Everyone. While many businesses focus on products that are “better for you,” we desired to take into account more than just ourselves with our choices. Better for Everyone is rooted in our attitude towards becoming a company dedicated to reducing our own environmental impact as well as partnering with other, larger groups focused on the same mission.  This is just a beginning for us. We are looking forward to furthering our impact. Here are a few ways we are starting:

Sacandaga River in Griffin Gorge, Adirondack Park, New York

Impact with Responsible Water

Responsible water with ethical trade means providing maximum value back to a community for its excess resource while ensuring conservation practices to protect the water table.

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Photo: The Glens Falls Watershed

Global Warming
Potential in Packaging

Lessening environmental impact of everyday items is one of the foundational tenets for creating JUST. Being able to quantify our performance now and into the future is a way to benchmark ourselves and drive decision making for improved performance across the organization.

Climate change is an issue critical to everyone and believe strongly in doing our part to mitigate emissions in our own manufacturing and beyond.

Making plastic from renewable sources

Moving entirely away from fossil fuels in our JUST water bottle is central to JUST’s mission. The shift to plant-based plastic was not a simple one. Finding the most responsible plant that didn’t upset a food supply, deforest naturally occurring vegetation, not made with GMOs, while utilized fair trade practices were requirements for JUST. We found the answer – sugarcane from Brazil.

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Paper chain of custody.

Understanding the origin of our materials throughout their entire ownership chain is important to ensure both environmental and social impact standards.

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High quality materials are used in the JUST water paper bottle. The paper bottles have a lower carbon footprint when produced and an even lower one when recycled. They have a fantastic resiliency to become new.

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