Just Water

Drink responsibly.

JUST water is responsibly sourced, produced and packaged for improved environmental and community impact.

The JUST water bottle is made up of 82% renewable resources,

together paper and plant based plastic derived from sugarcane can be regrown naturally and lower carbon footprint.


Our paper comes from certified forests.

The paper content of the JUST water package comes from managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and The Rainforest Alliance in conjunction with Tetra Pak.
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Making plastic from plants.

The plastic shoulder and cap of the JUST water bottle are not like typical fossil-fuel-based plastic – they are derived from sugarcane. Sugarcane is a water efficient, renewable, recyclable alternative for making plastic that significantly reduced our carbon footprint.

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Up to a 74% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Using certified paper and plant-based plastic results in a rudction of 47-74% less harmful emissions, primarily CO2, when compared to to traditional plastic bottles.
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It’s 100% recyclable.

The JUST water bottle is recyclable where carton recycling is available

100% Spring Water

JUST water is spring water responsibly sourced, produced and packaged for improved environmental and community impact.

Responsible water sourcing

JUST water is excess spring water obtained through a water sustainability partnership with the community who owns the source. This ensures ethical use of the water in the community.
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More than half of the water supply in the Glens Falls watershed goes unused (1.7 billion gallons). JUST Water will use less than 3% of that excess yield.

Partnering with small town America

JUST partnered with a small city in the Adirondacks to create the first ever private / public sustainable commercial water agreement.
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This partnership creates new revenue for public water infrastructure and critical public services.

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JUST water pays six times the local municipal rate of any individual or business user.

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