Behind the bottle with VP of Brand and New Product, Kara Rubin

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100% responsibly sourced Adirondack mountain spring water? Check. Paper water bottle that’s better for the environment? Check. Refreshing flavors – Apple Cinnamon, Tangerine and Lemon – with no sweeteners, totally organic? Check!

In March 2018, JUST water introduced its new JUST Infused line of light, refreshing fruit and herb flavored waters. All three flavors are organic and do not have any preservatives, sugars, calories, or artificial flavoring.

To tell us more about the impetus for the new JUST Infused waters and how the unique organic flavors are created, we talked to Kara Rubin, JUST’s VP of Brand and New Product.

Why did JUST decide to create JUST Infused waters?

KR: With such a positive reception to our original JUST water – 100% spring water in a paper bottle – we wanted to continue on our mission to provide everyday products that are made in a way that is better for everyone. JUST Infused waters are fun, delicious, health-conscious and environmentally responsible beverage options that go beyond our original spring water. The JUST Infused line was an opportunity for us to innovate and continue challenging norms in the consumer goods space. 

What do the JUST Infused waters taste like?

KR: We intentionally developed the flavors of the JUST Infused waters to be light and refreshing. JUST Infused waters taste as if there was a slice of lemon, tangerine or apple with a hint of cinnamon in the bottle. Definitely flavorful, but not at all overpowering.

How are the organic, natural flavors infused into JUST’s spring water?

KR: Our innovative infusing process essentially adds water to water. We enhance our 100% spring water with distilled water that’s been boiled with herbs, spices, fruits and rinds inside. This boiling method perfectly transfers the flavors of the plant matter into the distilled water at a highly concentrated level. This process results in just the right touch of subtle flavor. We do not add any sugars, preservatives, or extra natural or artificial flavors.

What’s next for JUST?

KR: JUST looks forward to continuing on our mission to provide ethically sourced, quality products in sustainably innovative packaging. We will always strive to be progressive and offer items delivered in a responsible way. We’ve introduced JUST water and JUST Infused throughout North America, and now we’ll be launching in the UK in August of this year. People can stay up-to-date about JUST news by checking out our social media and our website, and subscribing to our newsletter.

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